Warchickens FW Strategy

Time to talk about our beloved warchickens! (WarRavens for you who are mentally that of a 8 year old hamster in The Naughty Ninjas)

Warchickens are pAwning Gallente factional warfare with their full squads or/and Qsyncing.

Horray. Well. Done.

How: Full proto and officer gear seems to be required but the on and off APEX or frontline suit has been spotted.

Two tanks – One noob (Quafe Rail) and one GV.0 Blaster.

The most successful in their tactics are the use of droplinking watertowers as early as possible and from the rule one point with only 1-2 people on over watch.

Effectivly keeping noobs from all points with only 8 people.


Killing them all off at different points with an ADS seems to be most effective. Although expensive.

Using a Forge Gun / mass drivers on a high vantage point or in worst case sniping are most cost effective.

Main goal is to take out the link or they will just spawn back.


Happy chicken farming Ninjas.

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